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  • Student Services and Dormitory Division, care about our students with all our heart to offer heartfelt service and proper source to help those who face problems or any difficulties in their daily lives. With the result, they can study intently and develop the good living habits.


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Rewards and Punishments

Q1. Whether parents will be notified when the school is approved of Minor demerit?

ANS:According to the school regulations of the student’s rewards and penalties, the students are given Major demerit or Major merit than above, the parents of the students will be notified.

Q2. How to get the leave of absence application?

ANS:Can be downloaded from the website of “Students Service and Dormitory Division " or get from “Students Service and Dormitory Division" in person.

Leave of Absence

Q3. When students take leave collectively to participate in a competition outside the school, how to apply for leave?

ANS:Taking the relevant certified documents and student list, and all the participating students must fill in the leave request to send “Student Service and Dormitory Division " to apply for official leave matters.

Q4. What are the procedures for taking leave abroad?

ANS:Downloaded the leave of absence application from the website of “Students Service and Dormitory Division " or get from “Students Service and Dormitory Division" in person, then go to “Students Service and Dormitory Division" to apply for leave absence.

Q5. What is the utility of Proof of leave?

ANS:As a certificate for leave, it can be provided to teachers to confirm the absence.

Q6. Can the applications be applied afterward?

ANS:Owing to the unavoidable and significant events, the applications can be applied afterward.

Q7. How can I apply for official leave?

ANS: Must have approval or signature of school administration or the activity manager.

Q8. The regulations of leave of absence application that the leave request should be known in advance as a class teacher. If the class teacher can't find the signature on the leave form, what should I do?

ANS:Can write an e-mail to the teacher, explain the cause of the absence, print the mail and send it to “Students Service and Dormitory Division " with leave of absence application to apply for leave absence.